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Nutrition is the supply of essential nutrients from food to the body for life sustenance. It can also be described as the relationship between diet and health of humans. Nutrition can either be good or poor. A good nutrition is necessary for development and functioning of body organs, body growth, reproduction and maintenance. For a body to attain an optimum production efficiency and required activity level, a good diet is essential. A nutritious diet helps a human‘s body have the capability to repair injured and damaged cells, resist infections and ailments. The major essential nutrients needed by the body for proper growth are proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and water. The supply of the named nutrients should be proportionate to sustain a healthy body. The six essential nutrients a human body needs are vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, water, and carbohydrates. A healthy diet throughout life promotes healthy pregnancy outcomes, supports normal growth, development, and ageing, helps to maintain healthy body weight, and reduces the risk of chronic disease leading to overall physical development. If combined with physical activity, the diet can help one to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote overall health. 

Panacea organises one session on Nutrition every month.