The importance of Yoga during the Pandemic

Author: Meher Munjal
Founder, Yoga Connect

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Yoga is the balance of life. Yoga is the process to unify the body, mind and soul. The practise includes breathing (pranayama), physical exercises (asanas), and Meditation (power of concentration). It is a study that has been proven beneficial in every way. It is an ancient practise that has now been evolved and given different styles, names and forms. However, Yoga overall, i.e. the medium that connects us to our inner self and our true nature.

I have been practicing Yoga for 10 years and it has changed my life in every way. It has made me conscious of my fitness regime, my eating habits and to value the quality of my sleep. It has made me able to organise my thoughts and be more mindful of everything. The mind is a very difficult muscle to control; importantly, Yoga teaches us how to quiet and calm our mind.

Since, the Covid19 Pandemic, there was a high rise in number of people that started to emit negative emotions like jealousy, insecurity, anger, hatred etc. in their daily life, which brought about serious issues like depression & loneliness. These being the most common mental health problems in the year 2020.

Though, mental health problems would definitely reduce if everyone would incorporate the practice of Yoga in their daily lifestyle. Yoga helps to balance life and makes one, calm and composed. It teaches to be a better version of one’s own self. After consistent practice of Yoga, during the lockdown, improvements in emotions such as empathy, compassion, loving and positivity is significantly noticed. The importance of Yoga is endless; Yoga asanas, stretches, tightens and oxygenate the muscles helping to lose weight and staying in shape. Breathing exercises help us to remove all toxins from our nose, throat and lungs having a clear passage for the oxygen to reach all parts of the body and to ensure a healthy body functioning.

Meditation elaborates our mind to the consciousness and makes us able to understand things clearly.

Yoga has helped many people since many years and has endless benefits and can broaden a person’s vision and horizon to the endless. Quote by Swami Vishnudevananda, ‘Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness and Yoga shows the way.

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