How Yoga can be the Key to Boost Immunity during COVID 19

By Dr Rajeev Rajesh
Chief Yoga Officer, Jindal Naturecure Institute, Bangalore

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The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a wake-up call for all of us. Now more than ever, we have started to realise the value of a strong immune system. Our immune system is repeatedly challenged by our unhealthy eating habits, stress, fast-paced lifestyle, and exposure to pollutants and harmful pathogens in the present-day world. Though the human body has a natural ability to preserve, self-regulate, repair and maintain its entity, but it requires something extra to deal with the constant challenges. That is where the ancient practice of yoga comes into play.

Yoga Supports Immunity

Many are unaware of the fact that yoga is a practice as well as a philosophy of healthy living. With its roots in rich tradition, the philosophy of yoga allows us to see the way we are, while as a practice, yoga allows us to improve our overall health and focus our mind. It is a way of holistic living that can be used to fight off diseases and lead a happy, healthy life.

To stay healthy and fit both physically and mentally, you need to sustain your vital energy, nourish your body, boost immunity and support your mental health. That’s what yoga brings to you. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the yoga practices to boost immunity.

Body Movement with Asanas

Movement is essential for proper blood flow, balanced growth and a healthy digestive and respiratory system. Asanas are the physical poses associated with yoga that can benefit the human body in numerous ways. From stretching the muscles to flexing the joints to improving blood flow, asanas shower us with a myriad of benefits that in turn, boost the immunity power of the body. Here are some asanas which can be practised on a daily basis to gain better health and strengthen immunity power.

• Tadasana • Vajrasana • Padmasana • Gomukhasana • Balasana • Uttanasana • Bhujangasana • Dhanurasana


Meditation is an integral part of yogic practises that aids in spiritual and psychological growth. There are various techniques of meditation, such as mantra meditation, transcendental meditation, chakra meditation etc. However, the purpose remains almost the same and that is to remove all the unnecessary clutter from the mind and attain a state of consciousness which is different from the normal waking state. It is the perfect tool to deal with everyday stress and other concerning health issues like anxiety, depression, migraine, insomnia, hypertension and various psychosomatic illnesses. Studies have shown that meditation stimulates electrical-activity in different parts of the brain that act as a command centre for the immune system. Therefore, when these areas are stimulated, the immune system works more effectively.

Yogic Breathing or Pranayama

The breath acts as a crucial source of energy for the body. The cells in our bodies are regenerating all the time and without the proper flow of oxygen, it would be impossible. Yogic breathing or pranayama helps the immune system of the body to regenerate cells that fight of ailments and other infections. Apart from this, pranayama also helps cure heart ailments, increases blood circulation and boosts overall health. There are different types of pranayama which can be practised every day to develop strong immunity and good health:

• Kapalbhati • NadiShodhana • Bhastrika • Ujjayi • Bhramari

Mudras and Abhayanga

Mudras are gestures, often performed with the fingers and hands, to recharge the energy levels of the body as well as for empowerment. Although there are more than 100 mudras but practising only a few can help increase immunity. These mudras are:

• Prithvi • Prana • Sankh • Linga • Shakti

Oil massage or Abhayanga is an ancient technique of self-care that heals the body and the mind. The basic technique to Abhayanga is to apply oil on the body, massage the joints in a circular motion and apply the back-and-forth technique on the long bones. The chest area should be avoided. If done regularly, it can help improve tolerance and immunity, enhance bones' strength, remove stiffness, decrease fatigue, and encourage youthfulness.

Adhering to the above-mentioned practises along with a balanced lifestyle and healthy eating habits can do wonders to the immunity power of the body. Working towards developing a strong immune system requires good habits and a good lifestyle. Try to avoid harmful habits like drinking, smoking, etc. and continue to treat the body with care and gentleness.